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For many freelancers and small/start-up businesses working from home is common practice. While a makeshift home office may suffice for the short-term, more often than not it’s not a suitable long-term plan for the ambitious business owner.

So, what other options are there? The first thing that springs to mind is office space, but for most freelancers and startups it is both a financial impossibility and unnecessary. Fortunately, there is an increasingly popular compromise. More and more professionals are opting to use co-working areas rather than working from home or renting an office.

Why co-working?

Simply because co-working areas are specifically designed for the freelancers, startups and small businesses of the world. Co-working areas often provide facilities that just aren’t available at home. They offer conveniences that working from home never could.

For example, here at The Union Building renting co-working space will afford you certain benefits, such as a professional business address, a reception service and access to our purpose-built meeting rooms, to name just a few. All of which positively impacts clients perceptions of your business, while making life easier for you.

Co-working areas also tend to be far more productive working environments, due to the absence of distractions found at home. They are designed with productivity in mind and are equipped with facilities conducive to productivity.

Here at The Union Building, we’ve created a co-working area which is bright, open, spacious and comfortable. Boasting fantastic amenities such as a communal kitchen, fully stocked vending machines, and a rooftop bar/restaurant. All these perks mean that the time you spend here is as enjoyable for yourself as it is productive for your business.

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