The Impact of Comfort on Meeting Room Productivity

Hate them or love them, business meetings are something that employees and business owners alike all have to take part in at some point. In fact, most experience them on a weekly basis. With much of a business’s time spent on meetings, it’s important that the environment is as conducive to productivity as possible.

In order to have a productive meeting, there are a few key requirements that must be met. Perhaps one of the most important is comfort, this is especially important for longer meetings. Nobody wants to be cramped up in a small, stuffy room, slowly losing all feeling in the bottom half of their body because of an uncomfortable chair. Likewise, nobody wants to come out of a meeting feeling dehydrated and fatigued due to a lack of refreshments on offer.

However, to many people’s disdain, these factors are often overlooked when it comes to meetings. The truth is, these factors are often overlooked because many don’t realise just how important these factors are. How well a meeting goes is at least partly dependant on the environment in which it takes place. Considering the comfort of all those present at a meeting is ultimately to the benefit of everyone involved.

Here at The Union Building, we understand the importance of comfort in a meeting. All of our meeting rooms have been kitted out with brand new furnishings, including comfy seats which guarantee comfort, even during the lengthiest of meetings. This furniture is encompassed in generously sized rooms, with ample space to seat every guest. Refreshments are not forgotten either, with an option available to have your meeting completely catered for. Alternatively, tea and coffee making facilities are always at hand as well as fully stocked vending machines, packed with snacks and cold drinks.

Make all your meetings a success by enquiring about our meeting room packages today.

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