Can a Virtual Office Service Enhance Your Business?

A business is usually associated with a specific location, and the truth is, the address of your business leaves a lasting impression on potential clients. You will inevitably be judged on the address of your business as it is one of the main pieces of information we use to gauge size. The more prestigious your address is, the more likely people are to use your services. However, as a result of the current economic climate, finding a suitable business address is becoming increasingly tricky and expensive. If you want a premium business address that’s not at a premium price, a virtual office service might be for you.

Not heard of a virtual office? Virtual offices (as the name suggests) are not a physical place of work; which consequently means they may not be the solution for every business; however they can be perfect for others. For example, if you’re a freelancer, start-up, or own a business where your employees work remotely, obtaining a physical location for staff won’t make sense – but having access to a professional admin/reception service and a space for client meetings does.

Here at The Union Building, we offer a variety of different virtual office packages to suit any size of business. Standard services include the use of our prestigious Norwich address across all company communications and marketing collateral, as well as administrative support from our team of experienced administrators who can undertake a vast array of tasks including dictation, letter-writing, and paperwork processing.

We also provide additional support in the form of bookkeeping, to offer assistance for a variety of business and accounting requirements. All of these things combine to provide a complete package service for the user, which adds a professional finish to any business.

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