For many freelancers, it can be a real challenge finding a suitable working environment. The lack of facilities and social interaction can make working from home a non-option for some freelancers. Not to mention the many unhelpful distractions present at home.

With working from home ruled out, what options are left? Renting office space when you’re a one-man band is out of the question. Fortunately, there is an increasingly popular solution for freelancers who find themselves in this predicament. As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this blog, we’re talking about Hot Desking.

Hot Desking is the perfect compromise between working from home and working from rented office space. It has the benefits associated with working from home and from an office without the negatives of either. There are no contracts that require a lengthy commitment, it’s affordable and completely flexible.

What is a Hot Desking service?

The term ‘Hot Desking’ originates from an old naval term ‘hot racking’, meaning to save space. Hot Desking is based on this principle of saving space; providing you with the space you need, but nullifying the excess space you don’t.

In short, to ‘Hot Desk’ is to hire a desk as and when you need it. The main benefits being the affordability and flexibility it provides.

What other benefits does Hot Desking provide?

As well as being an affordable way of working in a productive environment, Hot Desking also provides fantastic learning opportunities. This is because you’re surrounded by other professionals much like yourself who will likely possess skills and experience you do not, and vice versa. This is why hot desking is often a popular choice for those just starting out, as on arrival you become part of a diverse business network. Some of the connections you make may prove useful later down the line.

Here at The Union Building, in addition to providing Hot Deskers with a professional environment in which to work (and network), our service includes a number of additional perks. These perks include access to our secure underground car park and super-fast Wi-Fi, as well as the option to make use of our creative breakout area, equipped with tea and coffee making facilities.

There is also a range of amenities within the building itself, from meeting room space to a rooftop bar & restaurant. Our Hot Desking service is available on either a half-day or full-day basis, meaning how you use the service is completely flexible.

To find out more about our Hot-Desking service, enquire today!

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